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Andy is one of New Day Church's worship leaders and is a top guitarist and musician. He is married to Clare and has four children.

Andy also runs the Friday Youth Programme "Talk n Tucker" and also helps co-ordinate youth outreach for other local churches.

Andy has his own business "Enterprize Web Deisgn and Print" offering Web Design, Graphic Design, Print, Video and Photography Services based in Longton and is the webmaster for our church web site.

Andy's favourite past times are song writing, hill walking and photography.

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When did you last climb a mountain? Not just Beacon Fell – a real mountain! It’s a challenge for many of us that becomes beyond our physical limitations as we grow older. We are content with low level walks beside rivers and streams.

God often met, and still meets, with people on mountains. Moses, Elijah, Peter, James and John and many more are just a few examples. The good news is that we don’t have to climb a mountain to meet with God! But if you can it might be worth the effort! Many people in Bible times also had encounters with God beside – or even in (!) - rivers, Naaman, Jesus, Lydia amongst them.

There is actually nowhere we can go in life that is beyond God’s reach! That is good news for anyone who wants a relationship with Him, not so good if you’re running scared! But, in this summer 2016 Bible series, we’ll be exploring life-changing encounters with God in our series, “River Deep Mountain High”.

To access the talks as they happen, click here, select a title and then scroll down for an audio link / visuals.

Over the summer period our Sunday morning services will be a little shorter and simpler.

We'll be looking at a couple of stories from John's gospel. First we'll think about Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding and we'll get three different perspectives on this. Then we'll look at Lazarus dying and being brought back to life. So it's a bit like 3 weddings and a funeral.


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