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A note from Graham.

This talk marked my last Members Meeting as Senior Pastor as I recalled events dating back to my first involvement with Calvary Christian Fellowship back in 1978.Some may wonder why certain key figures and events were hardly mentioned and some not at all. The truth is that to do justice to everyone would have required much more than 45 minutes and I chose to devote the time to my early years and role in CCF and to events and activities later which illustrated the six points I wanted to make - some key lessons I have learnt. And of course, only what memory serves up during preparation can be told! So while there are references to a few people still involved with church today, present at the meeting, there is little reference to key individuals in church who served us wonderfully in years past. There is no mention of our wonderful daughter, Lydia, who has been so significant in our lives and no mention of one of my main ministries as Senior Pastor, of preparing and delivering hundreds of talks over the last 23 years of my 42 in the church! I trust that they counted for something in the formation and expression of the Kingdom of God through CCF, now New Day Church. I hope that what I did include will serve to bless and encourage anyone who watches, from our church today or the past, or any other local church, and remind us all that Jesus loves the Church which He died for and is His bride.

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