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Pastor Joshua - Uganda

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During 1999 Calvary Christian Fellowship became involved with a small Ugandan church struggling to get established in a ghetto area in Kampala, Uganda. Their pastor, Joshua Magezi, is a gifted pastor, evangelist and counsellor who was converted to Christ at the age of 14. Previously he had been recruited as a boy soldier to fight Idi Amin's army.


Joshua has a big vision, powerful faith and a humble heart. He has matured into leadership through sacrificial service. As a teenager, committed to living totally for God, he began to clean pit latrines in a large Kampala church, sold matches on the street, studied the Bible, and learnt to fast and pray.
God led our leadership to provide support to enable Joshua's church to buy land. Our involvement with this little church in Uganda has probably benefitted us just as much as it has benefitted them - it truly is a partnership. We have seen God do mighty miracles for Joshua out in Uganda and it has inspired our faith as he has visited us and told of all that God is doing. Please read on to find out more.

Based in the Kibuli region of Kampala, Uganda, the Africa Greater Life Mission is an indigenous umbrella organisation dedicated to Christian ministry and practical care for those living in the ghettoes.The people of the Kibuli church give of their time, energy and meagre resources to help the street children who scavenge for scraps on the Kampala streets.

Here is Joshua's vision, written back in 2000: 

feeding the children


To care for street children in the Kibuli village region of Kampala, Uganda.

We are reaching the hearts of the people by showing true Christian love and care. We reach out to all children regardless of ethnic, political, geographical or religious background. Many of them live on scraps from garbage cans, sleep under bridges, old cars and in paper bags.  We feed them, clothe them, clean them up, cut their hair and teach them the Bible and Christian principles for life. We believe that children are tender and open to the word of God,


working with the children


To develop Christian based schools, orphanages, churches and small businesses in impoverished areas.

We aim to develop and grow, in every way possible, to provide and maintain education, medication, accommodation, food, clothes and income generating family businesses.

We also wish to support projects targeted to provide permanent Foster Family Placement.

boys uganda

Key Objectives

  • To maintain local churches and to establish and sustain new churches where families can safely come and receive the Word of God and grow up in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • To maintain feeding programmes for the hungry. Distant adoption programmes for orphans & foster family placement.
  • Orphan sponsorship support programmes. Tracing and resettling refugee children and reuniting families. To establish drug disinfectant clinic centres (Drug Rehabilitation) with a transit home on the facility.
  • To establish and fund halfway homes catering for destitute children who leave their homes because of child abuse, broken marriages, religious persecution and AIDS.
  • To establish emergency medicine distribution centres providing relief supplies to children in emergency situations.

Developments in 2014

bulabakulu joshua

The church grew to over 1000 strong (since 2008) with three pastors. They extended their own church building and were able to acquire
land about 10 miles outside Kampala. There they developed a children's village known as Bulabakulu along with a school for 250 children, including the 150 children who live in the village. The development of this village over the last few years has been very exciting with a number of friends and other organisations now providing support. However, the needs are great, especially with the rising cost of food and any help that people can offer is greatly appreciated. There is an urgent need for more financial supporters.

New Day Church provide regular funding for the church and donations for Bulabakulu Children's Village. If you wish to give to the work of the Africa Greater Life Mission you may do so by sending your donation to New Day Church, Ward Street, Lostock Hall, Preston, Lancashire PR5 5HR, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01772 313438 making sure that your gift is clearly marked For the work of AGLM. The payee is New Day Church.

We are a registered charity (No: 1188645) and will ensure that gifts are transferred to the AGLM bank account in Kampala on a regular basis, seeking to minimise bank charges for international bank transfers. 

bulabakulu village

Africa Greater Life Mission is a fully registered charity in Uganda.
(No: S.5914/2798/2563)
Pastor Joshua Magezi
PO Box 23389
East Africa

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone 00 256 41 269000




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