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Logo 1Timothy – Honouring God.

Are you called Tim? Do you know any Timothys? They can probably tell you that their name means “honouring God”. That’s quite a burden for anyone to knowingly carry, though the same could be said of many of our names. Grace or Faith, Andrew which means “courageous” or mine (Graham) which means “gravelly homestead”!

The Timothy we read about in the New Testament was a bit of an unsung hero. He must have been a brave young man to travel with Paul in a dangerous world, experiencing some terrifying ordeals, yet he was always only in the supporting cast. The main man was Paul. But we know from Paul’s letters just how much Paul valued the friendship and support of this “soldier of the faith”, his “son” and the one who he appealed to come to him in prison in his final days.

We don’t have anything written by Timothy but we do have two letters written to him, in addition to the letter to Theophilus, called the Acts of the Apostles which helps us piece things together. These letters reveal enough for us to spend some time discovering more about what it means to be a man or woman who honours God, whatever your “Christian name”!

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