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Clash of Two Kingdoms

Series started 30th September 2018.
We live in a world of conflict, as much today as ever in the world's history; with intense conflict of ideologies on a national and international level. We also experience painful conflict at the personal level.
Behind the conflicts observed and described by the media, and the personal conflicts that we may experience in our daily lives, there is an underlying clash between two kingdoms – the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.
This belief in a battle between good and evil, which manifests itself in all kinds of ways, lies at the heart of the Christian faith, although we may often be tempted to ignore it.
Is it really feasible to live under God's rule in the 21st Century? What relevance does the distant land of Israel, its ancient people and the historical Jesus have for us?
During the coming months we will be using a wide range of Bible stories and locations – Jerusalem, Capernaum, Caeasarea Philippi, Galilee, En Gedi, Carmel and more -  to explore the “Clash of Two Kingdoms". We'll seek to discover how a radical alignment with the Spirit of God instead of the spirit of our age will take us on to another level of fruitfulness, fulfilment and victory, with the potential to transform lives and communities.
G K Chesterton once said, "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried."   May we be a people who are willing to try.
Graham Hooke, September 2018


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