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safeguardAs a church we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of everyone who attends or is part of our church.  As such we have a Safeguarding Policy (a copy of which can be obtained upon request).

The following New Day Church Safeguarding Policy DocumentAppendicesand Formssupport this policy and are used throughout our different church activities. To download any of the document just click on the appropriate title.

Click here for our New Day Church Safeguarding Policy Document



Appendix 1: Leadership Safeguarding Statement

Appendix 2: Safeguarding is a Priority Here Poster

Appendix 3: Creating a Safe Environment

Appendix 4: Recognising and Responding to Possible Abuse

Appendix 5: Discipline

Appendix 6: Praying for Children and Young People CCPAS Guidelines

Appendix 7: Equal Opportunities Statement

Appendix 8: Handling of Disclosure Information

Appendix 9: Taking Photographs and Video of Children

Appendix 10: Code of Conduct

Appendix 11: Safeguarding Essentials

Appendix 12: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults



Form 1: Checklist for recruiting volunteers to work with children or vulnerable adults

Form 2: Responding to Abuse.  With Skin Maps

Form 3: Contract

Form 4: Application Form

Form 5: Self-Declaration Form

Form 6: Reference Request

Form 7: Sample Letter of Appointment (editable)

Form 8: Accident and Incident Form

Form 9: General Information and Consent Form

Form 10: Special Activity Consent Form (editable)

Form 11: Using Images of Children

Form 12: DBS ID Verification Information for Applicants



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